The "What Cat are You" Quiz!

What kind of music do you really, really hate?
Heavy metal

Who is your favorite character on Friends? (the TV show)
Chandler, Monica, or Joey
Phoebe, Rachel, or Ross
Huh? I've never heard of that show.

What is your opinion on… the beach?
I LOVE it so much! I could even live on it!
I put up with it whenever my family drags me there.
Sand - pleh. Wind - pleh. Water - pleh. No likey! >_<
As long as the water's warm, I'm happy.

I don't think too much about them, but I guess they're pretty.
Wonderfully relaxing to sit under and meditate.
They get in the way.
Trees? *looks around* No trees where I live.

If you got a tattoo, where would it be?
Lower back
Upper arm
… Needles scare me …

Which natural disaster are you most afraid of?

Your ideal meal?
Something elaborate. A many-course exquisite French cuisine.
Something foreign. Sushi or Indian food.
Something safe but good. Pizza or pasta.
McDonalds! Duh!!

Do you watch any home-improvement shows?
Trading Spaces / While You Were Out
I watched one once… I think… Don't remember it.
God no, I have better ways to waste my time

Lastly… as a child, what was your favorite Disney movie?
Snow White
Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King

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