The “What Word Best Describes You” Test!

Your computer desk has:
Mountains of sketches and unfinished art!
Lots of Pokemon and NeoPets stickers and stuff.
Not even a speck of dust. :P
Erm, I use a laptop.
If you could learn a language, what would it be?
Some kind of alien thing.
Japanese, maybe, or Chinese?
If you could draw anything, you would do...
My nextdoor neighbor.
Some abstract thing
My kitty!
A mystical creature like a centaur or somethin’
Do you have a SPECIFIC one-favorite-color that could never, ever, change?
Oh yeah!
You’d love to wear a shirt that...
Says “It’s not MY fault I’m a maneater!”
Sports some witty slogan.
Has the name of your favorite band
You have sewn yourself.
Overall, how would you describe yourself?
Evil! [I want to take over the world]
Beauty queen. [I looooove my makeup!]
Polite [How are you today?]
Obsessed with emoticons! XD
How much do you like the internet?
I live on it :]
AWESOME! I do everything here! I even order my GROCERIES!
(Note to the reader: that’s what Tazl does! 0_o)
I have over 100 online friends and they’re sooo fun to chat to and I love going to forums and NeoPets and drawing and EVERYTHING!